I have used Specialized Pest Patrol every other month for several years to spray my property for spiders and insects. They also sweep the spider webs off the eves of the house and barn, and are careful to avoid spraying my fish pond. I have pet dogs and cats, so when I request to have the inside of the house treated for fleas, Specialized does it at no extra cost. I was referred to Specialized by my daughter who has used their company for years. We are both very satisfied with their service and their employees.

Nancy Reed, Elk Grove

They specialize in what they do!  Gina is a pleasure to speak with on the phone; she handles calls and schedules appointments quickly and professionally.  She’ll promptly respond to emails if you’d rather type a message.  Brian is great when he arrives at our house for the routine maintenance; he’s always on time and does a great job.  We don’t have to ask him to do anything special as he pretty much covers it all but once in a while, I’ll ask him to do something more and he’ll gladly do it and do a good job.  Even in between appointments, if we need something to be looked at or sprayed, we call Gina and Brian comes out as often as needed.  We had service with them at one house and when we moved, we kept using them on the new house since we liked them so much.  We even referred people which gets us a free service.  If you have pest problems, I recommend calling Specialized (and don’t forget to mention I referred you!  LOL)


Specialized Pest Patrol is far the best pest control company I’ve ever dealt with. They are very thorough and when they spray,”they spray.” We had an ant problem before we called on them and I can honestly say, I haven’t seen 1 ant in the house since we hired their service. They are also very friendly and informative. They call before every service reminding us to keep our pets inside during spraying etc. My wife and I could not be happier with their work ethic.   I recommend their service to all of my friends.

Mike Puccinelli, South Sacramento Homeowner

For the three years my husband was stationed in Sacramento we used Specialized Pest Patrol. We hadn’t had a problem with bugs when we moved into our home and we never really did, except for problems we caused. When our dogs acquired fleas I called Specialized and they came out same day. No extra fee. When my mom moved in and brought some odd beetle with her Specialized made a special visit quickly. My neighbor used Clark and told me she was always impressed by the quality of Specialized and said she would be switching soon. Brian and Gina are just so wonderful I cant imagine how hard it will be not being able to use Specialized at our new house in Oregon. Thanks to specialized our high two story home does not have the high crawling spiders in the roof like some neighbors do. Thank you for your great service and wonderful demeanors. I recommend your services to everyone.

The Amara Family, Natomas

Specialized Pest Patrol is great. Gina is always responsive, very helpful and very cheerful when she answers the phones. They do a great service for our company and our tenants. I always go to Specialized first for any pest control services we need. They just have all around good service and its hard to find that these days.

I have also recommended this company to personal contacts as well.

Amber Colburn, RAM Property Services

Specialized Pest Control has provided excellent service to us since we began doing business with them 2 years ago.  We have a rental property in Midtown Sacramento and a home in El Dorado Hills.  Each place has unique requirements due to the environment where they are located.   No matter what the insect, pest, vermin or critter, we can count on speedy resolution from the wonderful and friendly technicians, Brian and George, who arrive to save the day.   And of course, we can always call Rob Smith and Jon Smith with any questions or concerns.  We love them all and we know you will too!!

Karl and Diane Ross, El Dorado Hills and Midtown Sacramento

Specialized Pest Patrol is the BEST in their field!! We’ve had just about everything—voles, moles, rats, mice, spiders, ants, pincher bugs, etc. and they have been gone since we hired Specialized Pest Patrol. It seems Specialize Pest Patrol only hires “Exceptional” employees. Their employees are helpful, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.

We recommended Specialized Pest Patrol to all our friends and relatives.

Dan Carpenter

I’ve been living at the Esplanade for the past 5 years. My town home faces the Marsh and Golf Course that has plenty of wildlife and insects.I had concerns when I first moved in, until I met the Friendly Staff from Specialized Pest Patrol. I have a Golden Retriever that I walk daily around our complex and have been fortunate to have met and speak with them about what they do and why. I was very impressed with there knowledge, efficiency and care on the work they do. They know PEST….so I don’t have too! Thanks Specialized Pest Patrol for helping me enjoy where I live.

Jimmie Lathum, The Esplanade, Sacramento

Specialized Pest Patrol has been a blessing for my place in the foothills. No more mosquitoes, few flies, no yellow jackets, no ants, and the house and barn (we live out in the country ) have been rid of spiders and other bugs.  We can now enjoy our home and our outside life style thanks to their help. They really did a great job  of getting rid of the mice and rats in the barn — done deal.  When I had a problem, I simply called Gina at the office, and the pest, what ever it was, was taken care of the next morning. Great service —they will take care of you.

Fred McLaren, Foothills

I have been a client of Specialized Pest Patrol since 2005. I live on the golf course at Serrano Country Cub and own a St Bernard dog. The Tech always protects the dogs water and food and uses chemicals that are safe arround the dog. The dog knows the tech and always let the tech do his job, without the dog being confined to the house. Our home has been pest free since we began service, and we could not be more pleased with their service. Any special requests have been at no addition charge, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to neighbors and friends.

Pat Hennessey, Serrano Country Club, El Dorado Hills