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Possum Removal

Having a possum or family of possums on your property is a nuisance. They are opportunistic scavengers who will go through your garbage and leave droppings in your attic or walls. Trying to trap and remove a possum yourself can be risky; possums aren’t typically dangerous, but they can excrete smelly oils that are often confused for skunk odor, and can carry various parasites. Plus, different areas have regulations regarding how to best trap and release wildlife. It’s always a good idea to bring in an experienced wildlife removal expert to trap and perform possum removal services.

Trapper Rob has many years of experience in successfully trapping possums and removing possums from properties. Utilizing proper equipment, he humanely traps a possum or family of possums and ensures they’re safely removed from your property in a manner that adheres to the Department of Fish and Game wildlife guidelines. Once removed, the same possum will never return. Using possum exclusion tactics will guarantee future possums don’t find your property attractive.

Why Is There A Possum On My Property?

Possums are an urban nuisance, and they can often be found in and around Sacramento. They are attracted to garbage, compost piles, and pet food left outdoors. Possums are nomadic and often wander from place to place in search of food. Most of the time, they’ll stay in one place for no more than a few days before moving on. However, from time to time possums or a family of possums will burrow underneath the foundation of your house or shed, or nest inside your home’s attic or walls.

Possums will scavenge for anything that looks, smells, or resembles food. The biggest danger they present to you and your property is damage to the structure and foundation of your home due to burrowing. In addition, parasites and bacteria can be transmitted from the large amounts of fecal matter possums leave behind. In order to trap and remove the possum, it is important to identify where the possum is entering and leaving your property, as well as what initially attracted the possum to your property. By removing the common possum attractants from your property, you can help ensure future possums will not invade your space. Trapper Rob can help with a variety of exclusion services to help prevent possums from returning to your property.

Identifying a Possum

Sometimes homeowners are unable to tell whether a possum or a skunk has invaded their property. Possums can excrete oils that have an odor similar to skunk spray, but this usually occurs only when they are frightened or cornered. Possums have 5 toes; tracks from their front paws may resemble small hand-prints. Tracks from their rear paws may resemble a hand-print with a large, elongated thumb. Their tracks are roughly 2 inches long.

In attics and crawl spaces, possums are relatively easy to distinguish from squirrels or raccoons. They leave a lot of droppings, and tend to use insulation for nesting. Unlike raccoons and squirrels, possums do not confine themselves to the edges of the attic and will nest anywhere.

Possum Exclusion and Prevention

Once the possum, or multiple possums, have been removed from your property, it is important to take steps to prevent possums from returning in the future. Try to seal openings to your attic and crawl spaces. Secure garbage can lids with bungee cords, cover compost piles, and put away pet food. Make sure to lock up chicken coops or any game birds you may possess. Possums will occasionally kill these birds if they are hungry enough.

Possum exclusion involves using the right gauge of wire mesh screening to barricade all possible entry points. With several years of experience in trapping and removing wildlife, Trapper Rob can show you the best ways to secure garbage cans and remove entry and exit points for possums by closing up holes. He will help you find and seal openings, and will go over the best ways to prevent wildlife from invading your property.

Trap and Remove Possums Now!

If you currently have possums on your property or need exclusion work performed, Trapper Rob will trap and humanely remove all possums from your property and go over methods of exclusion relevant to your property. All work comes with a 12 month guarantee.

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