Questions Your Trapper Will Ask You

These are some of the basic questions any animal trapper will ask you when you call in with a problem. It is important to carefully think about the wildlife animal that is on your property so your trapper can arrive fully prepared.

  • What type of animal do you think is on your property?
  • Where do you think the animal is finding a way in?
  • How long has have you noticed the animal?
  • Have you heard any sounds of babies yet?
  • Do you smell death, urine, or fecal anywhere?
  • Has anyone who lives in your household become sick or experienced increased allergies?
  • Have you noticed any unusual insects such as maggots, flies, mites, ticks?
  • Has anyone been threatened or attacked by the animal?
  • Have you tried to deal with the animal yourself? In what way?
  • Has a professional previously attempted to resolve the problem?
  • What damage has the animal inflicted so far?
  • Have you taken any pictures of the animal, infestation location, or damage that you are willing to email to us?
  • Can you estimate the cost of the present damage the animal has caused?
  • Is the wild animal causing you to worry or to lose sleep?
  • How would you rate this problem: mild, moderate, or extreme?

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